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Respite Change


Are you a parent experiencing feelings of shame and failure due to the poor choices of your adolescents?

Do you find that your marriage is overly stressed due to the high risk behaviors of your adolescent or teen?


James Lehman, MSW of says there are significant repercussions on families resulting from teens acting out, he maintains that marital conflicts emanate from child behavior problems almost always.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, above as a parent, you are not alone. Respite For Change counseling services exist to offer families relief from feelings of isolation, shame, guilt and feelings of failure as a parent.


We offer Temperament Testing, Analysis and Counseling:

  • Temperament testing is a written tool, otherwise known as the Arno Profile System (APS) which serves to identify an individual’s unique soul DNA as designed by God.

  • The 5 Temperaments types are:

    • ​Melancholy

    • Phlegmatic

    • Sanguine

    • Choleric

    • Supine

(See our FAQ page for more information on temperament)​​​​

The wider the gap between our God given temperament and actual behavior, the greater the potential for dysfunction.


Respite For Change exists to help individuals identify:​

  • Temperament needs, strengths and weaknesses

  • Helps individuals to find a balance in order to relieve inner stress

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