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Respite Change

  • What is Temperament?
    Temperament is the inborn part of man that determines how he interacts with people, his environment and the world at large. Temperament directly impacts how man perceives self and how man responds to the pressures of life.Temperament can best be described as the spiritual genetics of God’s imprint upon man. In fact, in addition to the mother and father of a child the creator is the third party involved in the process.
  • How does Respite for Change Assist Families in Crisis?
    Depending on the crisis, the staff of Respite for Change will step in to implement de-escalation strategies, provide crisis intervention counseling and partner with the family to examine safe alternatives, offer time out if needed for volatile teens by offering a short-term place of respite to regroup, and can also serve as a referral source for the family.
  • What Kind of Counseling Services are Offered by Respite for Change?
    Respite for Change is a full-service Christian counseling entity; in addition, Temperament testing is administered to help individuals discover their inborn temperament- who God created them to be, their Temperament strengths and weaknesses, with the goal to help individuals develop healthy coping skills and feelings of self-worth that are vital to good mental health.
  • Is Temperament the Same as Personality and Character?
    No and no. Personality can be a mask men put on based on what they think is expected of them which causes a tremendous level of stress. Character can be a product of learned behavior, where Temperament is who we are from the time we are born until we cease to exist. Temperament does not change, in fact the wider the gap between Temperament and actual behavior the greater the stress and dysfunction.
  • What is Deliverance?
    Simply put, deliverance is to be set free from the things that hold us hostage, where we may feel helpless to break a cycle of dysfunction. Often times we know something is not right, but we feel powerless and captive, this is where Respite for Change comes in to offer technical deliverance whereby the person receiving deliverance is educated on how evil spirits gained access (legal right) to enter their lives, the person is then led through the process of revoking the legal rights and expelling what has held them captive. Jesus came to set the captives free. Everyone can be set free!
  • What are High-Risk Behaviors I Need to Look for in my Teen as a Clue They Need Counseling?
    Isolation where they spend long hours alone behind closed doors, withdrawal from family and friends, loss of interest in activities, outburst of anger, sudden changes in sleeping patterns, appetite changes, weight loss, unusual or extreme behavior changes- irritability and crying, drop in grades at school, cutting classes, bringing home expensive clothes they cannot afford, mood swings, body marks or bruising on the body. Gradual decline in personal hygiene or loss of interest in personal appearance and much more we share during counseling sessions
  • What is an Intercessor?
    An intercessor is a person who stands before God on behalf of another by prayer. This is where Respite for Change is different, we acknowledge God the Father as the ultimate Counselor and we trust him to guide our counselors in every single session. This is done by prayer. We have individuals dedicated to praying for every single counseling session.
  • What is a Mentor?
    A mentor is someone who shares their expertise and strategies with those in need of intervention and support. They also provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. We find that many of our families can benefit from the support of a mentor who themselves have experienced similar situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you support our vision to bringing healing and restoration to families with high risk teens by donating to Respite for Change? 

100% of your donation will be applied to providing services to those in need. We offer full transparency on allocation of donations received.

Other ways to help:
We are also in need of “Host Homes” to provide short term placement for those in crisis 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions !

We are a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible. 

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